Much more light and easy than Glympse. The perfect alternative to retired Google Latitude.
How many times has someone been waiting on you and you phone to say “I’m just parking” or “I’m almost there”

Many times if something has come up and we’re running late, we get a message from the person asking the classic question “Where are you?” or “When are you arriving?”

For these very moments, we have created 1minLate .

How 1minLate works is very simple:
When you arrange to meet someone, you activate the application (enable the gps tracker) when you leave the house. Automatically, 1minLate generates a link that you can share with the person who is waiting via whatever messaging application you have on your mobile: SMS, Whatsapp, Line, Email…

1minLate sync your coordinates with the sent secret link and shows a map with your current location and it updates every minute. This way the person who you’ve arranged to meet can follow your progress, meaning that their wait isn’t just so bad.
1 minute late don't require any kind of social net logging. One minute late works without facebook, twitter or Google plus.
1 minute Late ensures your privacy. You only share your location with the chosen person during 30 minutes, automatically turning itself off afterwards.

Whoever is waiting doesn’t need to have 1minLate installed. They will know where you are by just pressing the link and the visualizer will be opened in the default browser of the destination device .
Furthermore, 1minLate treats your mobile battery very well. Transfers very little data between the device and the server.
  • Free version available
Urban life, Social Media, Other
  • gps,late,map,location,visits,family,friends,position
Target Users
  • Any users. Only have friends are required :)
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