225 Kid Outdoor Games
The best outdoor game ideas for kids aged 2-16
225 Kid Outdoor Games – innovative games kids have never heard of from exotic countries all over the world. The app includes game ideas for kids of all ages: toddlers, pre-school kids and school kids up to young teenagers!

Unique games to be played inside or outside, with or without materials. The game duration of 3-15 minutes allows kids to easily try different games which converts a short break into a real adventure!

225 Kid Outdoor Games is great playing fun offering the following features:

- 225 well researched games from 83 countries assembled in clickable world map
- Lovingly designed app
- Coverflow of all the 225 games
- Sophisticated search function for main criteria
- Easy-to-understand rules
- Games grouped according to age groups from toddler to school kid
- Duration: 3-15 minutes
- Detailed description of every game: picture, setup, age, duration, materials
- Valuable evaluation function
- Bookmarks and playground
- Mailing function to share with friends and other parents
- Additional infos on many games, e.g. a new way how to play it or similar games from other countries
- Highlight for kids: Shake it-function for fun selection of a randon game to play
- Add own games to the app
- Languages: English & Spanish

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Target Users
  • kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, animators
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