A MSS (Mobile Software Suite) giving the construction total control on tools, tasks and time!
CHECKD is a collection of applications each solving a particular task for the user. The first applications made are towards the construction industry. Our own experience explained further down and several articles and research documents emphasize the need for this.
SINTEF has made reports in 1994 and 2006, and both of them are showing that mistakes and deviations make up nearly 10% of the total construction market. (files attached) Byggenæringens Landsforbund (BNL) estimates the construction industry to be close to 525 BNOK in 2013, and employing close to 15% of the population. 10% of 525 BNOK is +52BNOK in mistakes, or more than 30MNOK pr. hrs. The report states that this is not only the case in Norway, but also in other countries. Some of these countries are even worse. Therefor we have decided to translate the application to 20+ languages, and they will all be ready for launch in the beginning of 2014.
Using Smartphones and their built in functions we simplify and secure the demands that exists for project management, o-operation, documentation and day to day routines.
The units built in camera, GPS, compass, motions sensors and third party applications make CHECKD a unique tool.
We are not only simplifying the tasks, we are also assuring they are being done correct and according to rules and regulations.
We are cooperating with several big companies within the building to get their continuous input on CHECKD features and functions, and to get a deeper understanding of the challenges they meet in their work situations. Focus is at the building site where most of the mistakes and misunderstandings happen.

CHECKD is a concept developed by Mulighet AS, a company using modern technology to make things easier and better for everyone. One shall not use technology just because it is new and exiting, but because it actually helps us solve the tasks we have in a better, faster or cheaper way
COE and founder of Mulighet AS has been managing director in on of Norway’s big construction companies, and took the company from a revenue of 5,3 MNOK in 2005 to 112 MNOK in 2008, in the same period the number of employees increased from 6-40.
These rapid growths lead to big changes in demands for documentation and control. There were no good solutions for involving the workers at the construction site in the actual process. All documentation and control had to be done by the project manager, making him a bottleneck. The workers were only “told what to do” and did not feel involved or engaged. This is documented in attached slides from SINTEF.
CHECKD is being developed as a result of this insight, and nearly 10 years of experience from Telecom, mainly within concept development.
In 2012 we made a “proof of concept” solution for Entreprenørforeningen for bygg og anlegg (EBA)
This was only a test to see if the Construction Industry was ready to start using smartphones, and they are. More than 25.000 reports were generated, and that without any marketing or further development. EBA did this project to show their members how to use their smartphones for something smart, and to let the developers see that there is a market here. CHECKD grabs this opportunity! The users have given us proof that they really need, want and will use a solution like CHECKD.
There are solutions trying to solve parts of the tasks CHECKD is addressing, but none of them are simple enough or involve the construction worker in a good way.
CHECKED is unique in user friendliness, tasks it helps solving and the quality/layout of the way the output is presented and handled.
The solution has a freemium subscription, but for full access to all the features a TEAM, PRO or ENTREPRISE solution is required.
We have good dialogues with EBA, BNL and big entrepreneurs. A small provision based sales force is already approaching a few key customers.

Parts of the solution are in beta and can be installed on both iOS and Android phones.
Since the Apple requires the UDID code for beta testers, we need to “include” your info in our database. To sign up for a beta test just visit
We would be happy to give you a live demo of both the applications and the backend.
Its hard to explain and show how unique the solution is in a web application, but we hope the videos below will explain parts of the solutions and get you thinking about the potential.

To explain the solution, we´ve made 1-minute product explainer videos, they can be accessed here. We are in the process of replacing NKLT with CHECKD in both the video and the soundtrack.
CHECKD utstyr -
CHECKD equipment -
CHECKD foto - (will be shortend by 10 sec)
CHECKD photo - (will be shortend by 10 sec)
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • CHECKD photo - 0 (Free and Pro version)
  • CHECKD equipment - from $99/month (Different packages depending on storage, users and package combinations)
  • CHECKD control - from $99/month (Different packages depending on storage, users and package combinations)
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  • Construction companies, property owners, landlords, janitors, contractors, sub-contractors
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