When an emergency occurs what the a fool proof method of distributing food in humanitarian emergencies using smart technology
iRelief is comprised of three of applications and one database and all these applications are as important as the previous on. The Database A remotely hosted database holds the mission critical data for the platform, the data it hold is i). The amount of relief stock available at any given point in time that is dynamically updated so as the ensure accuracy and accountability. ii). The recipients data and information as to how much relief they need and their location. iii). Minimal employee data. The Web Client The web client is mainly built in for managerial at base level what the web client can do is to provide the Relief data to high level staff to help in effective decision making. The Desktop Client This client is made for hotspot i.e affected areas use this client is designed to make the distribution of relief as quickly and as painless as possible it can also be used in the gathering of the data about the relief recipients. The Mobile Client The mobile client is made to combine all the above purposes into one device that can be used anywhere using the mobile client one can view reports that help in the making of day to day decisions. Using the mobile client on can perform the distribution of food in a speed and manner that would be unbelievable if compared to the current method. Using the mobile client one can also register relief recipients and aggregate them with the existing database.
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