Optimize your diet despite tough medical conditions (e.g. diabetes) or health restrictions (blood pressure, etc.)

Proper nutritional information and data has always been difficult to come by. It’s a complicated science, involves lots of grey areas of shifting research and is complicated by personal taste, different daily conditions and shifting health goals.

This app simplifies the entire process of gaining insight into healthy lifestyles through personal diet management.
What has so far been a special consultancy service to the few is now an easily approachable self-service product for the many.

Its aim is to provide food and health information on a broad range of products quickly and on a very personal level. Users are guided by the use of data visualization techniques which transparently show nutrient levels in day-to-day products. It is easy to manipulate data and see instant results, such as different portion sizes or energy breakdowns that far encompass regulatory statutes.

Users receive help in searching, sorting and filtering food items according to their nutrient preferences, for example a low-sodium diet as described by a physician.
Once they find suitable products of interest, they are able to compile them into personal meals and see their complete nutritional breakdown. It is entirely possible, to manage any kind of diet - related issue with this app in less time, more conveniently and with a lot more variety in food choices than with a simple guidebook. Even personal recipes can be included and checked for conformance.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • NutriCheck: Nutrition Facts & Foods Reference Database - 2,99 (press copies available upon request)
Health, Education
  • medical diet guide, food helper, health tracker
Target Users
  • People with special dietary needs due to health issues or doctor's recommendations, Health-conscious consumers,
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