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This is all about your presents - the ones you would like to get and the ones you give.With AboutPresents you can manage your own wish list, collect present ideas for your friends and relatives and manage the events where you will need presents. You can share your lists and ideas with others, collect together your ideas and mark, who will bring which gift.
This is the end of unwanted, wrong and duplicate presents. Everyone that is invited to an event can check, which present idea is still available and mark it as done, if he will bring it. If you find something in the internet or on your shopping tour that might be a good idea for you or someone you know - simply add it to his idea list.
You can manage all events here from birthdays to christmas, marriages to jubilees, even company events or barbecues - whenever there is an event where you should bring something or the ones you have invited should bring something - AboutPresents will assist you.
And even if someone does not have an Android device, he can take part: http://www.aboutpresents.com
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