Actualidad 7
Actualidad7 is a digital magazine that stands out from the crowd because it offers digital content on subjects of general interest.

Actualidad7 is the first application in Spanish that is born with the idea of offering a new service that responds to the future of the editorial market, of information & entertainment for all iPad users. A weekly digital magazine with an innovative character & philosophy.

The magazine is composed of various sections like cinema, motor, technology, travelling, health & sports, economy & cooking; in addition to interviews of general interest & matters of opinion. All of these presented in a format that is attractive & innovative, with an easy navigation that includes high quality design & photography.

The application counts with a set of interesting innovations that offers the reader a more complete experience while reading our magazine. Apart from being able to download all the previous editions and read them offline, the app offers features such as zoom, bookmarks, social sharing & links to direct the reader to external content like webs, forms, maps, videos, music, etc... These links can be used to offer additional information within an article or advert, allowing the reader to perform specific actions.

Actualidad7 magazine is launched digitally and exclusively for the iPad, within an application that can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, (Apple’s application store) a perfect showcase for Actualidad7.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Genre Male 60% Female 40% Age - 25 years 15% 25 - 34 years 50% 35 - 44 years 20% + 45 years 15% Social Class High 35% Middle-High 50% Middle 15%
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