AfterZoom - Microbe Hunter
Explore the world around you
Immerse yourself into a world of hidden creatures!

Our planet is full of life. Besides all the creatures that can be seen with the naked eye, there are millions of microscopic creatures with amazing features. Several scientific disciplines study and classify all of these creatures, but there is still much to do and learn.

Some organisms have developed wonderful camouflage mechanisms that make them invisible to conventional microscopes. However, a random series of events has transformed your device camera into a very special Microscope that allows you to find them.

Capture all of these organisms and show the world your fantastic discoveries!.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • AfterZoom - Microbe Hunter - 4.99$
Games, Education
  • plague, collection, augmented reality, bacteria, science, kid, formula, microscope, fight, battle
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  • For casuals, kids and al kind of gamers in general.
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