Agenda Cultural Accesible
Culture for people with visual and/or auditive disabilities
The Diary of Accessible Culture (Agenda Cultural Accesible) was created with the aim of providing people with sensorial disabilities all the necessary information to know in advance those cultural events they can enjoy thanks to a supportive measure for audiovisual communication (such as captioning, audiodescription or sign language, among others). This way, the app facilitates and promotes this people’s attendance and participation in cultural life, which also favours cultural industry.
The ACA compiles cultural accessible events in four areas: cinema, theatre, museums and other events. Each of these sections includes the schedule of showings, performances, visits, art collections and other leisure activities such as concerts, conferences, festivals, etc. For each one of them, the app provides:
• General information about the movie, play, collection or event (title, director, cast, synopsis, website, trailer…).
• General information about the location (name, address, phone number, website…).
• The supportive measures offered (captioning, audiodescription, sign language, braille…).
• Any other needed information (recommended seats, if the user needs to make a reserve, to use their own dispositive or ask for one to receive the captioning, audiodescription or sign language…).
To make the search easier for the users, the app allows them to filter the events according to the city they take place in or the accessibility measures available.
  • Free version available
Art and Culture
  • accessibility, culture, blindness, deafness, dissability, cinema, movies, theatre, museums, captions, audiodescription, sign language
Target Users
  • People with sensorial dissabilities (blindness, low visión, deafness, hearing loss…)
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