Alterante puts all your files on all your devices at your fingertips. You don't need to remember where files are located, and you don't need to upload your files into the cloud to access them from anywhere.

  • Convenience: One universal app, for all your files on all your devices

  • Privacy: Keep your office files at the office. Access them remotely via end-to-end encrypted channel.

  • Speed: Blazing-fast search. Find & access any file in seconds.


  • Indexes all your files from all your drives, emails, chats

  • Privacy by design (Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption)

  • Easy to find any file, using keyword search and recommendations made by Alterante.

  • All your files are automatically indexed by filetype, date range, and other attributes. For example, you can quickly find all the XLS documents you created this week across multiple computers.

  • Open any Office or PDF document, right from your mobile device, save it locally or in a cloud drive.

  • Watch large videos via live streaming

  • Launch a presentation, video, play a song, or open a photo on your computer, using your app as your remote control.

  • Save files locally to your mobile device for offline access (Docs, etc. Photos will be stored in Photo Gallery).

  • Add custom tags to group your files for quicker access. (iOS In-app purchase, free on Android)

  • Backup your mobile photos to your computer via WIFI

  • Access all your files from any remote location. (iOS In-app purchase, free on Android)

  • Keep an extra backup of your files on Amazon Cloud Drive (optional)

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    Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
    • Free version available
    • In-App Purchases (iOS) - $0.99/each
    Photo, Video and TV, Other
    • Productivity Utilities Virtual Assistant
    Target Users
    • Our Business Edition is aimed at SMB who need a private, affordable alternative to cloud storage, and who need to manage and protect their files in a cost-effective way.
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    Google Play, iTunes, Amazon App Store
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