Analytic Driving
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In 2014, more than 500 people lost their lives due to road accidents in UAE and several thousand more suffered major injuries. The statistics are similar or worse in other parts of the world. Road accidents don’t only lead to fatalities and injuries but also increase traffic jams and lead to productivity and economic loss. These numbers can be significantly reduced by teaching drivers of their mistakes and encouraging them to drive safer.
The Solution: Our OBDII device connects to the user’s car and sends the data collected from the sensors to the cloud where it is analyzed to be used from the DashRoad API. The mobile application is able to retrieve the data from the API and display it in a form of graphs, charts, daily, weekly,monthly summary. The user can see and try avoiding mistakes he/she has committed and by becoming better drivers reduce the number of accidents that are caused.
There are 2 aspects to the data being used by the mobile application:
Technical aspect -The app displays to the driver, information about his/her green driving habits, mistakes such as overspeeding, hard-braking, sudden-acceleration, fuel consumption and RPM redlining.
Social aspect - The app has added features such as socializing(posting and commenting) and gamification (rewards,achievements, trophies, badges) that help compete between friends and encourage them to improve their driving skills.
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  • Car drivers.
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