Angel App Parental Control
We make the internet safer for our kids, giving a tech tool to parents to prevent the risk in his digital enviroment, Angel App help them get involve into their kids online activity, giving education and protection in a digital world.
Angel App allows you to provide the protection your children need while in the digital mobile world.As a parent allows you to be aware of what applications use, with whom they communicate what searches done on the web, which pages they visit and what places have been; and it allows you to make decisions and act in time to ensure the protection, integrity and digital culture of your children.we use predictive data to generate correlated activities that enhance children's intelligences, challenges created by experts.
Features:In "Child" mode, Angel App gets mobile and provides you with the following information:- Using applications.- Web browsing.- Searches in browsers.- Phone calls.- Text messages.- Location.It also allows you to control your child for mobile:- Restrict the applications you use, including the option of times.- Restrict the pages to which you have access, blocking sites or categories that do not consider appropriate.In "Father" mode, Angel App will be a command center to be aware of what your children in any device where you have installed:- Detailed graphs and reports using applications, classifying them according to the utility that each provides.- Detailed report what pages they visited, classified by the type of content and reputation.- Detailed report of calls that have been made or received.- Detailed text messages you have sent or received Report.- Report of the places visited.- Report its activity on the social network Facebook.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Parenting, parental control, education for kids
Target Users
  • Fathers and mothers of minors, with a median income in Latin America, the market estimate is 100 million parents, state technology programs and mobile phone operators
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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