First Aid Lesson HTML5 application for a Romanian NGO
In Romania, first aid lessons are not taught in schools and there are very few public courses for those interested, so the very vast majority of the Romanians do not know what to do when they found themselves in situations that require first aid. In 2010, more than 1.000.000 people called 112 (European version of 911) in order to ask for an emergency intervention. The biggest majority of those who called 112 did not know exactly what to communicate to the operators or what to do until the paramedics arrived.

First Aid Lesson is a prevention and education programme created by a Romanian NGO, Greener Association (specialized in environmental projects), the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD), and ING Life Insurance, as financial supporter. This is the first project of this kind in Romania and includes a website ( with first aid information addressed to those with a non-medical training, a 12 edition TV tutorials about first aid techniques and first aid courses for the public. Approximately 4.5 million viewers watched the TV tutorials on one of the most important Romanian TV channels, while the website recorded more than 100.000 pageviews with an average duration of the visit of 4.57 minutes.

The project is publicly supported by Raed Arafat, founder of the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD), and several VIPs.
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