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Over the past 5 years, we have witnessed something remarkable as iPhone and iPad developers created and posted apps to Apple’s App Store at breathing pace. The App Store has swelled to more than 1.3 millions apps and still shows no signs of abating. The gold rush to sell iPhone and iPad apps is still on, that’s why we’ve created the next blockbuster app “App3ad”. Because timing is killer factor, App3ad is unprecedentedly attending to the need of Arab users, pushing reviews and offers on apps, making it possible to locate apps using their own native ‘Arabic’ language, not to mention the whole experience, reaching out to friends to share apps…and much more!
As you carry on, you are learning more about App3ad has adequately fulfilled the need of the mobile apps consumers to discover Apps on vendors App stores (Apple, Google, Windows, BB,...etc) and clearly differentiate key Apps to end users, while empowering their reviews and rating to share the values among consumers. Clear example is plenty of Dubai Smart Government Apps that need one-stop-shop for all Apps with detailed review multi-lingual and two-way communication between the ministry and citizens.
App3ad team working on IoT platforms to elevate the users experience to delight level, using beacons and wearables as new level of interaction and innovation.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • App3ad - $1.99
Urban life, Social Media, News, Opinion and Books, Empower citizens
  • App; Apps; Arabic; Dubai; UAE; Saudi; Egypt; Store; Apple; Google; Government; B2B; Business; Discover; Innovation; IoT; BigData; Beacon; wearable; Social; Network; Platform
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  • Youth; Citizens; Smartphone; Government; Business Employees
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