Appsy is an app that helps psychiatrists overcome the challenges of the daily practice improving patient care
Appsy is a app that helps the psychiatry daily practice. Created by a partnership between doctors and a mobile tecnology company, this app offers the following features:

- Acess to patient data, clinic history, diagnosis hypotesis and patient schedule, wherever and whenever you want
- Acess to your user profile
- Acess email history between doctor and patient
- Create drawings and hand notes about your appointments

All information is protected by a username and password combo for your first acess and an unlock fast acess code for the next ones. You can also unlock Appsy using the TouchID feature.

This app is a part of the Appsy service for psychiatrists that also offers a web interface that includes even more features: patient register, tools for colaboration between team members, prescription help guide, diagnosis hypotesis help guide, follow up, communication tools between doctor and patient and more.

Appsy has a partnership with ABP (Brazilian Psychiatry Association) for continuous upgrade. A committe formed by 20 psychiatrists of different regions and specialities gives constant feedback to improve the intelligence behind Appsy services and helps prioritize the development of new features.

When using the app for the first time, if you don´t have a password, you can request one through the app.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Appsy - R$ 19,90 up to R$ 39,90 (the price varies according to the number of users on one team and the Ipad version is only for paying users)
  • medicine psychiatry reference psychiatrist diagnosis
Target Users
  • psychiatrists psychiatrist team members psychiatry clinics psychiatry clinics staff
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Google Play, iTunes
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