Crowd source and collect sanitation data around the world.
With the objective of generating a versatile tool that supplies concise and real information about the situation of water availability and sanitation, AquaMaps is created an open system that integrates data on water and sanitation from entities such as the World Bank and governments combined with data provided by NGOs and citizens in general.

This app allows users to upload information, at the local level, regarding sanitation facilities and prices of water. It is applicable and relevant to social development in all countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, and promotes civic participation through the technology available.

The objective is to provide real information, presented in a user friendly platform and design, that pressures to governments, NGOs, and civil society initiatives to work on specific areas, providing people decent sanitation facilities, meeting the needs of their community.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Poor access to data, Other
  • open data, sanitation, water, ICT4D, crowdsourcing, collect data
Target Users
  • individuals, travelers, volunteers, NGO\'s, Development Organizations, Government
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