Architect XL
Architect XL has been designed to help users do a precise drawing of a floorplan in a very natural and simple way. The drawing can than be shared via e-mail in DXF format for further editing with a full featured CAD application.
Did you ever draw on a piece of paper a floorplan and when tried to figure out if a certain furniture would fit you realized to have forgotten some measures? Architect XL’s CAD engine helps you get all you need by closing floorplan paths and letting you get any measure you need afterwards.
You can draw multiple poligons and place them at a perfect relative position using the triangulation tool that lets you place a shape on the drawing just by taking the distance between a reference point in the shape itself and two external reference points (for convenience you can also define a third reference point to double check the positioning).
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Architect XL - € 7,99
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  • CAD, draw, architect, floorplan, design, DXF
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  • architects, interior designers, engineers, professionals
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