Arkabeh (What Should I ride?)
Our Guide to A lost Citizen!!
ArkabEh is a full transportation guide that helps its user use the transport, know what transport to use and from which place.
ArkabEh provides the user with a list of stations to select the station from and can also detect user's current location by GPS or by pinpoining loaction on the map. ArkabEh then uses the GIS system built for transportation to route the trip. It then prints the full route to the user and draws it on the map.
In the "on the street" tab ArkabEh app detects user's location and opens a map with all nearby stations and shows the distance between current location and each station.
The "Help me" ( الحقني ) tab helps users report any dangers, like harassment in metro, and we will send to the authorities so they can take action. The app stores all data about reported dangers like location, time and transit route to build a report about it. Arkabeh demo app is built to clarify the idea.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • arkabeh, transportation,public transit,cairo,maps,current location,gps,stations
Target Users
  • We are targeting the non-car owners and the public transportation users who have access to internet, smart phones
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