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It's about what's going on in the art world: Galleries, public art, street art, fairs, popup shops, studios, student shows and everything in between.
Art can be found anywhere: Artspotter will work all over the world from Day 1. We’ll be spotting events and venues London first but it doesn’t stop you from adding something in Croatia or the Caribbean.
Follow what you love: If you think someone is good at adding art venues or events to the map, follow them. If you like a gallery and the exhibitions they put on, follow them. That way you’ll be easily able to see what’s going on from the people and places you like.
Anything can be art: But not everything is art. The map won’t stop you from adding anything, but if you want to be credited as a good ArtSpotter, adding good spots will build you a good reputation.
Art to everyone: Art is a part of society. It is a reflection of what is going on in culture, society, politics and life in general. There is art out there for everyone and Artspotter intends to bring art events to everyone.
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