Athens Taxi
Smart taxi fare calculation in Athens, Greece
Taxi is a very popular mode of transport in Athens for residents and tourists alike. Given the complex tariff structure, unpredictable traffic conditions and sometimes overpriced fares reported by riders, estimating the potential cost of a trip can be a very difficult task.

This tool has made use of Open Street Map data for the locations of toll-road entry points, MapQuest's open directions API, for candidate route planning and municipality border data from Greece's Open GeoData initiative for calculation of trips exceeding city limits.

In addition, (although not open data), the tool makes use of a traffic flow model built upon observations of average vehicle speed from a large number of road-sensors in the Athens area.

Given the optimal route, the application estimates the total trip cost and time using the appropriate time-and-location-dependent tariff, forecast traffic congestion and toll-road usage.

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