Axel's Chain Reaction
This is the only children's book app that combines the theme of kinetic art and special needs kids. It has received the QED seal of quality from Digital Book World, and has excellent reviews by Teachers for its educational content, interactivity and games
A creative tinkerer, Axel Jansen struggles to connect with his classmates and get them to see past the fidgety, distracted, clumsy boy they think he is.

Inspired by the work of Kinetic artists, the third-grader resolves to build a moving insect to show everyone at school what he’s capable of. Axel’s own traits means he’ll need a large dose of perseverance in order make a moving sculpture he’s proud of: a swinging, vibrating, tinkling work of art. But his personal bully Daniel sets off a disastrous chain reaction that leaves everyone yelling at each other!

Axel believes he can help by creating a beautiful sensory experience out of this mess —if they give him the chance…


* ALLOWS FOR DIFFERENT LEVELS OF READER IMMERSION: Explore pages to discover extra dialogues, thoughts, or details of Axel’s creation process. Or skip them if you’re anxious to find out what happens next, and then read the story again if you want to know more about the characters.
* SOME OF YOUR INTERACTIONS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE THE STORY PROGRESS: Open Axel’s glued fingers so he can continue working, rub the splashes of paint clean, knock on the classroom door to see Axel’s giant artwork. If you don’t, you won’t see what happens next! (Hints provided).
* PLAY A CREATION MINI-GAME INSIDE THE STORY: make your own animals using objects from Axel’s kitchen.
* HEY, YOU’RE THERE… AT THE END OF THE STORY! Do you want to see Axel being silly, or make your own funny faces for Axel’s teacher? If you’re as happy as Axel, maybe she’ll take your picture.
*OPTIONAL SETTINGS: Turn off sound effects and/ or Narration.
- 3D OPEN-ENDED GAME: Design any shape by arranging lines of standing dominoes. Build your domino effect using toys and other objects from Axel’s home. Then topple, and watch them from above, or any angle you wish.
- HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES: Step-by-step instructions to make kinetic sculptures at home or school, for different levels of ability.
- BIOGRAPHIES of the 3 kinetic artists featured in the story.
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