The first mobile platform for publishing content in digital art created in Peru.
For the past year and a half the team of TVAREI+D and Tawa Productions have been working on creating the first feature-length, interactive Peruvian comic book. It’s called Ayar, the Legend of the Incas. It’s based on the legend of the most impressive war in the Andean world to build the Inca Empire.
This App brings together years of extensive research and the best stories from leading experts in Peru about the foundation of the Inca Empire. This App will also change the way we known Peruvian culture which is shown through both books and comics using innovative technology for photography, interactive graphics, and animations. A new groundbreaking multi-touch interface allows you to experience that content seamlessly. You can browse through the different issues by swiping through the visual table of contents or browse through a chapter by scrolling through the pages at the bottom. To start reading, use two fingers to pop a page open. To go back to the table of contents, just pinch the page down.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • ayalaleyenda - 2.99 (promotional code: 4PNENPXYXJET)
Art and Culture
  • ayar, ayarlaleyenda, comic, inka, inca, cusco, cuzco, peru, tawa, tvare
Target Users
  • boys and girls in the entertainment segment.
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