Have a great time and save wonderful memories
With Babbelbox it is possible to make your own original video guestbook. Hang or put your tablet in a visible place on a lifetime event such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, baby shower, corporate event,... and collect video footage of all your attendees. Guests can use Babbelbox to leave a personalized message during the entire event, all of which can be viewed afterwards.
You can predetermine the videolength of the messages. Also, you to decide whether your guests can view other’s messages too, or the messages are for your eyes only.Then go ahead and let your friends, family and colleagues surprise you!
On the screen, guests can see a live video image of themselves. The filming starts once they click on ‘record’. From now on all the heartwarming messages, songs, funny plays,... are being recorded. The recordings are terminated by the guest or automatically when the recording time has elapsed. Not satisfied with the result? By clicking ‘redo’ the recorded message is deleted and it can be recorded again. The video can be saved for later viewing by clicking ‘save’.
Enjoy the usability of Babbelbox!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Babbelbox - €8.22 (Android)
  • Babbelbox - €15.99 (iOS)
Photo, Video and TV
  • video recording, event, diary
Target Users
  • Event organizers
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Google Play, iTunes
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