Baby Feed - Baby Agenda
Keep track of the daily activities of your babies
BabyFeed is an app for your smartphone that helps you, with keeping track of the daily activities of your babies, remembering the time to feed, when to give medicines or with keeping of baby measurement records.

- Keep track of up to ten babies
- Track feedings, medicines and diapper/nappy changes
- Register weight, height and cephalic perimeter measures
- Identify each baby with a photo taken from the phone's camera
- Integrated with the phone's agenda and alarm system
- Automatically send a sms notification to your partner when you give medicine
- Various statistics charts (Feedings, Weight, Height, Cephalic Perimeter)
- Backup and restore, alows you to keep you data safe or transfer to other phones
- Online help
- Multilingual (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)
Series 40, Qt, MeeGo
  • Baby Feed - 5€
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  • baby, agenda, calendar, medicines, breastfeed
Target Users
  • parents, nurses
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