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This app has been created through the collaboration between the professional travel writer Len Rutledge and

Len is top selling author of amazing travel guides.
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This is a very useful travel guide about shopping in Bangkok and it is one of the more than 140 travel guides created using map2app.

Visitors travel from all over the world to shop in Bangkok. As a consequence of this Bangkok has become the best place in Asia to shop. The choice is excellent, the prices good, and whether you want gleaming, modern, air-conditioned malls or the hustle and bustle of its famously buzzing street markets, Bangkok has it all.

This app (and webapp) gives shopping advice about costs and prices, bargaining, VAT refunds and getting around. It then details the things to buy and gives descriptions of the major shopping areas of the city. We then detail the best 16 shopping malls, the best markets and some specialty shops which can complete your shopping experience.

Addresses, telephone numbers, and web sites are given and each location is shown on a map. This truly is your perfect Bangkok shopping companion. We can save you a great amount of time and hundreds of dollars by showing you where to go and what to do. We only wish we had this advice when we first went to Bangkok
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