Shopping in Barcelona? Better with a bargain...
BargainApp wants to be an app that connects business with their clients or potential clients.
BargainApp has two kind of users: stores staff and clients. Both can interact with the application. While the firsts can send discounts, customize their channel of communication and verify customer loyalty, seconds have more reasons to buy in their shops.
BargainApp has some functionalities that make it unique.
Bargainapp permits to businessman send different discount coupons or bargains to the system. Create new channels of communication and reward the loyalty of their clients. Of course, the App has all the advantages such as locate the business on a map and helps the client to navigate. Bargainapp allows to share in social networks and rate the establishment, among other functionalities.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • bargain, shop, shopping, discount, offer, loyalty, customer
Target Users
  • Everybody that buys or uses different commercial establishments, in fact, this app can cover also part of the tourism that comes to the city and can enjoy the discounts just registering on the application. Context of use is Barcelona, but the project is
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