Barnart helps users to discover the cultural offer the city of Barcelona has to offer and it’s an easy way to promote and reward artists that perform in the city.
Barnart is an online platform and Android application that connects users with artists. With Barnart, a user is able to tip artists, get push notifications from them directly to his mobile, or see the artists location and other information. With Barnart, an artist is able to connect with their fans and send them push notifications, so the people who likes the performances an artist does can be updated of the artist’s location or status.
Barnart allows users to discover the most trending artists in the area, receive push notifications about artists near the user, and make suggestions of registered artists within our database.
A trending artist is a Barnart registered artist who is becoming popular in our system in a small span of time, making him boost his positions in our top 8!

You can scan a QR code from a trending artist in . The platform is currently only available in Catalan, as we are aiming to solve a local problem. A login for an artist in the web platform ( is \\\"[email protected]\\\" and the password is \\\"1234\\\" , althought you can register new ones.
To make payments inside the app, you can use the following account in the PayPal activity : [email protected]” with password “12345678”.
Android, HTML5
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Art and Culture, Urban life
  • Barcelona, Barcelona discovery, Barcelona culture, Barcelona art, Barcelona busker, Barcelona performer.
Target Users
  • We would have two main groups here: artists and normal users, who are the people who likes those artists (everybody!)
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