BComposer Scales
All the music composition knowledge in your pocket
BComposer Scales Pro is a tool that allow you to create songs since the melody to harmony and is addressed to anyone interested in the music creation since amateurs to pros. This system contains all the basic theory rules for tonal, modal and blues musical composition.

Without the knowledge and technique from this art you only will be able to create noise where you are not going to be able to express your musical ideas or feelings neither reach to the audience. That's why BComposer Scales Pro wants to condense all the extensive concepts in a simple and intuitive system, because we strongly believe that the music composition should not be complicated like the current traditional methodologies that appeal to the memory instead the music assimilation through practice and simple patterns.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • BComposer Scales Pro - 3 USD
Music, Education
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  • musicians,music students, persons interested in learn and do music
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