Be Vip
BeVIP provides access and convenience to our members, allowing them pre purchase tickets to the best events of the city through their Smartphone, tablet or computer, so you get an exclusive service, highlighting the experience in customer service and in cultural events, concerts, partys, sports, plays, art exhibitions, activities Children, among others. In turn Be VIP provides information on all kinds of special events through your Web, APP and blog portal where social elites in Colombia can learn all kinds of events where our customer is always BeVIP
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Beta - free
Eating and Drinking
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Target Users
  • BeVIP presents a potential target market which is classified as: BUSINESS: Companies that perform events and are directed to the social Elites in each city, starting epicenter Cali (Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Theatres, Concerts) seeking to reach a nich
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