Ben the Bodyguard
Ben protects photos, contacts, passwords and other sensitive stuff on your iPhone or iPod touch. He’s your own personal security expert. Peace of mind on the go with a distinct attitude and opinion. Ben’s guarantee — “Your secrets are safe with me.”
“This app is like no other in its category.” (AppFreak)
Ben is much more than a simple app. He’s a character. A distinct personality with a story to tell – former legionnaire, jet setter, ladies man. First and foremost, he’s a security expert. And keeping secrets secret his top priority in a world with rampant identity and information theft and iPhone users who have their whole life on the iPhone, but barely give security a second thought. Ben offers peace of mind in an easy and charmingly new way.

But at Nerd Communications, things aren’t done the ”either/or” way. That’s why Ben is not only a character who is fun to interact with, but also a true professional in the digital vault business. If Ben is entrusted with a secret, he protects it with 256-bit AES encryption and a personal master password, keeping it safe from prying eyes and thieves.

Launch a counter-strike against worrying. Ben is right by your side.
Ben the Bodyguard by Nerd Communications. About Nerd: Born in 2007. Home: Berlin. Entourage: international. Mission: combining diverse disciplines from strategy and marketing, design, web and app development, through film and even industrial design.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Ben the Bodyguard - 3.99
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  • security, encryption, privacy, protect, data, passwords, photos, notes, reminders, secrets
Target Users
  • The iOS user who loves to pass around his iPhone to show his friends new stuff. He wants to hide delicate information, but refuses to use boring over-complex secret keeper apps and will never accept that professionality needs to go without fun.
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