Manage your team's time with Benchtime, match resources to projects by location and keywords.
Benchtime is focused on helping you plan and manage your team's time - assign work on projects by week or date range (e.g. 40 hours per week for the next 12 weeks). See Team utilization for a list of your team, including projects and hours, sort by workload (up to 12 months in the future) to see who needs more work at the top of the list. Select a resource to see details, including location, notes, assigned projects and keywords. Keywords enable you to easily match resources and projects based on skills (e.g. Android developer, designer) and other attributes such as work, product or industry experiences - you simply create a keyword and assign to the appropriate resources and projects. Switch the view to the Project list to see who's assigned to a project for how many hours, etc. Use the Benchtime map to see the location of resources and projects. Select a resource and project to display the distance a person may have to travel. Benchtime is a BRAND NEW app, built from the ground up focused on today's real-world distributed team and project assignment approach. If you run a consulting team and need to know who is assigned on which projects - and how busy everyone is - Benchtime is for you. Professional service firms will find Benchtime of great value in managing their company's most valuable asset - employee time, now and into the future.
Benchtime comes preloaded with a sample team to show features quickly and simply. The free version enables you to create a dozen resources, projects and keywords - upgrade in-app for larger teams and more features planned.
  • Free version available
  • 1.0 - Free (Android - in-app upgrades, new features planned)
Business and Work
  • Time Management Team Resources Projects HR
Target Users
  • Anyone who runs / coordinates a consulting team. Professional service companies.
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