Search, Contact and Chat with a company and its employees
SEARCH for a company, business, organization…
CONTACT. See all the contact addresses of the company.
CHAT with a department or directly with any of its employees.

BeOnMobile is an Instant Messaging App where users can interact with each other to create an open network of contacts between clients, professionals and companies.

Once registered, BeOnMobile User gets the Personal Profile (username&) and can:
* Search and Contact by chat with other users.
* Search and geolocate companies and contact by chat with one department or directly with any member of staff, without knowing the mobile number.
* Register a company in the app (&company) and get a Professional Profile (username&company). This Profile is set as the Administrator of the company.

The Admin that registers a company can:
* Create a contact network of the company inviting other BeOnMobile Users to become members of the company. The new members will get a Professional Profile with its own contact address (username&company).
* Create multiuser contact addresses (e.g. info&company) and authorize one or several Professional Profiles to respond to messages received at the same time.
* Send broadcast messages (Chat Promo) to all the Users that follow the company. Users receive the Chat Promo like a regular message sent by (&company) and they can respond to ask for information, make a reservation… providing this way a personal attention (interactive marketing). The Admin can authorize one or several Professional Profiles to manage the responses.

Professional Profiles can be set as Private (users must send a contact request to chat) or Public (users can start a chat directly).
Personal Profiles are always Private.

In one application the user can switch between Personal Profile and Professional Profile, every profile has its own contacts and chats, separating the personal and professional communication. The Professional Profile can be set on/off mode temporarily and keep the Personal Profile on.

Covered needs:
Communication between people, human to human (H2H), is essential in today’s society, and certainly will be in the future SmartCity, either to communicate as a citizen or as a professional.

Instant Messaging (IM) is definitely a fast and effective communication tool that has proved to be very useful on a personal level to communicate with friends and family, and has the current challenge to consolidate in professional communication. For that, is essential an organized structure of contact addresses.

Similar to how email works, BeOnMobile allow users to create this structure of contact addresses to contact by chat, both at personal and professional levels. Email experience show us that contact addresses are essential to achieve an organized and effective communication, and are the key to conduct the internal and external communications. In contrast to mobile numbers, contact addresses are easy to broadcast and excellent method for branding.
Imagine that you are browsing the website of Restaurant La Riera, go to Contact and you see the following options:
email: [email protected]
chat: reservations&lariera
What would you choose? … when you clic, automatically BeOnMobile app is opened to contact by chat.
Imagine internet without email addresses. This is how internet is right now, empty of chat addresses.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Business and Work, Social Media
  • chat, business chat, chat address, chat contact, instant messaging
Target Users
  • Companies,local shops and businesses… that want to use IM as a communication channel opened to their customers and professional environment, and also as a marketing tool to send interactive promotional messages.
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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