Bike Cidadão
Bike Cidadão is a traffic application that aims to make city roads safer for bikers, drivers and pedestrians, valuing leisure time and quality of life, promoting mutual respect and education.

It's a mobile application for bicycle navigation and information sharing to others cyclists. Bike Cidadão provides a crowdsensing service to report and share special locations and events on the city roads, inform weather conditions, and voice alert near dangerous locations on real time.

By opening the application, you can see your current position on the map, the weather forecast conditions, and a dashboard of real time alerts. The dashboard can be used to activate voice alerts and show the distance to a near reported location or event. On the top bar you can find a map button to show the map screen where you can report the location of events such as an accident, intense traffic, and road problems.

Developer by Software Engenheering for Smart Cities, reseach group, PRONEX-FACEPE-APQ 0388-1.03/14, of INES - National Institute of Science and Technology for Software Engineering.
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Transport and Traffic
  • Mobility, Transit, Bicycle, Traffic, Safety.
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