Intelligent Urban Mobility
Around the world, more and more cities try to increase their bicycle traffic rate. Although many cities put large sums in the bike infrastructure, many people are hesitant to use the bicycle. Often security worries play a big role, for example concerns about riding along busy main streets. Many times it would not be a problem finding quieter and safer routes though, if only people had the knowledge. This is true even for cities with no or few dedicated bicycle infrastructure like Cairo.

As long-time cycle messengers, Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl knew a lot about this issue and had the idea to develop BikeCityGuide. Their initial plan was, to create a smartphone-app that is able to guide tourists along points of interest in their vacation destination. The plan quickly evolved to a complete bike navigation tool.

With BikeCityGuide we now offer the first navigation system for smartphones, specificly developed for cycling in cities, that offers an A to B navigation option and a route planner with exact vocal instructions. Residents and tourists can now easily navigate through the city by bike and explore it along the most cycle-friendly route.

We use open data, as we get all the map data needed for our app from OpenStreetMap, an open source project for maps. Because of OpenStreetMap\'s large community in every city, we are able to keep our maps up to date and to promptly change them, if needed.
For bringing our app to Cairo, we collaborate with bike enthusiasts from \"cairobike\" ( who can help us to deal with issues specific to this city and help us with integrating nice tours.

The BikeCityGuide team specially developed an algorithm that calculates bike specific routes. Roads are being rated according to how bike friendly they are. This guarantees that the app automatically avoids main streets and favors bike lanes and side streets. Once you download a city package, BikeCityGuide offers all features, including navigation and route-planning completely offline. That saves roaming and data costs.

With BikeCityGuide we make cycling even more comfortable and stress-free and help reaching the goal of getting more people to cycling.
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