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Bikeros is a word that means and recognice the live style and sacrifyce of all Bikers whom likes practice this sport. The most Bikeros are not professionals and dont have any sponsor or support, they spend their our money and resourses to practice The sport they love. The best reward is The satisfaction with them selves, The disciplyne The constancy are values that dont calculate whit money and they are ussefull in our live. All succesfull people have these values, and all people who have them are or have been winners.

We want to support The people who paid The price to devolp invalues habbits. They ussualy dont have enougth resourses, i am talking about money, dont have for weels, accesorios, sport clothes, mechanic supot. We want suport them whit these and others resourses. We have validated our bussines model and The most bike of our city (We live in Manizales, a small town but with a most bikers in Colombia) are interested in our idea, they have been testing our app and helped to ours to improve Bikeros app.

In this validation We have a clearly idea about what We want to be. We want to create a healty stiyle live. This healty slyte is reach with constancy and support. And this good behaviors will benifit to all Bikeros giving a good heal, improving them selves , avoiding unhealing habits. We live in a word whit bad habits sedentarism is a cause of lots of diseases .
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