We build brand equity and awareness within the interactive consumer through a mobile scavenger hunt with real time cash rewards, coupons and unique digital content..
We’ve created an adventurous mobile game where we populate a real world map with virtual quest locations. Every day we will place a secret symbol first on streets of San Francisco and then globally, players will have to find the symbol and place it in front of their smartphone camera viewer in order to unlock special offers from vendors or cash prizes from $100 up to 1000$ having an option to donate a certain part of their prize to a participating NGO enhancing social impact.

This is an anonymous game players can even skip the registration but we keep a track of what portion of their prizes players are willing to donate to participating NGOs. We built a live leaderboard with results of how much money is paid forward to NGOs/kept by players making a great social experiment showing how much people are willing to share.

The game is absolutely free to play and every player is equal.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Social Media, Photo, Video and TV, Health, Games, Empower citizens, Education, Eating and Drinking
  • mobile game, pay it forward, geo caching, rewards, health, community, advertising, @hiddencash
Target Users
  • 18-25, 25+
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