Blindness is a problem faced by many people. Based on the 2010 statistics that is documented on the “” website, worldwide, there is 314 million people suffer from various vision problems; 45 million are blind. 87% of these blind people live in developing countries. Usually, blind people utilize their other senses such hearing and touching in learning about their environment. For example, they try to recognize various people voices in order to know who is talking, and they use their hands and sticks in order to navigate and walk around their place.
On the other hand, smart phones are little computers, with grate processing power. These phones are relatively cheap and available everywhere. Facilitating these smart phones with apps dedicated to blind people will reduce their suffering, increase their capabilities, and ease their everyday life activities.
Blindoo is a Mobile Phone App that communicates with a streaming camera installed on eyeglasses, and an earphone. This mobile application captures images through the camera and recognizes the text with a text-recognition algorithm. Whenever a text is recognized, the system will read the text directly. This allows a blind person to recognize and listen to any text e.g. an open Book in front of him. The system feeds any recognized text into a text-to-speech system that reads these to the blind.
Blindoo converts Mobile Phones into a blind special device that improves the blind people abilities of reading “English” textbook in their own regular daily activities and provides them with self-reliance. It gives them the opportunity to benefit from the technology that is already available for everybody else.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Free version available
Health, Education
  • Blindoo Blindoo Mohammad Alqerm Odai Nazzal Worldwide health education help Jordan
Target Users
  • Blind people worldwide, Government program and organizations that help blind people, Eyes centers and Hospitals, NGOs (UNICEF, United Nations, ..etc) that concerns for blind people.
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Google Play, Windows Phone Apps
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