Game inspiring atmosphere of the darkest gangster’s years.
Bloffrace is a game inspired in the 1930s gangster years when robberies and murders made headlines almost every day.
There are two main characters, Detective Bloffface, and the journalist, Max Popflash, the best informed man in town. The action takes place in New Hushtonvillle where there are six main locations: the Casino, Courts, Italian restaurant, apartment, Jazz Club and taxi, where Det. Bloffrace must solve different crimes.

Amongst a selection of suspects, the player must pick out the guilty one. There are clues, and the option to buy extra ones, in order to solve the crime. Time is also an important element and, as one goes along, the player is running more and more against the clock and facing greater difficulties.
Once the crime is solved, The New Hushtonville Times publishes a brief description of its development on its front page, which helps the player understand how it occurred.
The player will gain dollars and badges as he goes up the Police ranks.
Astounding graphics give this game an inspiring atmosphere of the darkest gangster’s years.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Bloffrace, game, iPad, iPhone, gangster
Target Users
  • 18-45
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