Bookla: "Teremok"
Bookla it's a series of media books and games:
Teremok for iPad

Based on the Russian folk tale "Teremok". Original poems, colorful illustrations, a professional voice.
All illustrations are interactive: you can always watch and listen to the object name, object or character. Some scenes will give your child the opportunity to take part in the tale.
Two developing children's games on the fairy tale:
"Teremstroy" - a puzzle game, which will have to build these Towers
"Who's Where" - a game of hide and seek: try to look out of the restless beasts that every time a new perepryatyvayutsya - a game of memory and attention

Bookla it's a fascinating universal media book for children and adults.

Bookla it'sa single application for iPhone / iPod Touch and the iPad (on the small screen does not get lost, and a large - pictures will be of high quality).

Bookla it's always the original author's text, voiced by professional actors, and illustrations. All rights reserved.

Bookla it's a funny, informative and educational games for kids.

Bookla has 3 modes of reading:

1) "Listen and watch", for those who are too lazy to read and thumb through, and only wants to listen and watch.
2) "I hear and I turn" for those who do not want or can not read, but with pleasure through the pages of the book itself.
3) "I read it yourself" for the most advanced, who already knows and loves to read independently.

Bookla is a clever book:
remember even during the transition from one regime to another, where you left off reading, and from what place to begin.
thumbed through in both directions.
supports multi-tasking iOS 4
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • for kids
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