Bottom Feeders
Action Fishing, Puzzles, Collection, Fun!
Developer: nobodinos, llc

About nobodinos, llc
nobodinos, llc opened its doors in June 2012 by two ex-Zipper Interactive principals, David Kern and Russ Phillips. Taking the leap from ultra realistic, triple A games to the over saturated casual video game market was quite an undertaking. After contributing to the top selling SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs franchise, both David and Russ wanted to take their years of experience and start a company that focuses on top selling casual/mobile games. Bottom Feeders is their first entry into this market and is quickly proving the potential to be a hit! After years of fishing in crabbing in the Pacific Northwest, Russ Phillips developed the concept with David Kern using his real-world experience to bring together a unique art style with captivating game play. For more information on nobodinos, llc, visit

Game Description:
Bottom Feeders is a free to play, action arcade game that boasts a very unique, comical spin on fishing and crabbing. With a flick of your finger, launch your net in to the sea to catch dozens of “feeders” in this one of a kind side scroller! Use your net to start over 100 chain reaction events and master puzzles to level up. Enjoy fishing in 50 of ‘Ol Salty’s favorite locations in the waters of Treasure Inlet. Power Ups can be added to your net and used strategically to succeed and get the highest score. Use bait to attract those feeders into your net, use dynamite to blast them out of the water or use the special gold net to blast through logs and protect the net from spikes, sharks and net tears. Upgrade your boat to catch more Bottom Feeders! Available upgrades include bigger boats, faster winches, longer lasting anchor holds, boat captains and radar to see fish in the deep trenches. Cash in your catch and collect feeders in your very own 3D aquarium. But, don’t forget to feed your collection or they will fade away. Players can purchase Sandollars in the store to get the upgrades or earn Sandollars from everything they successfully catch. The game features over 50 achievements in the Apple Game Center that can be earned. Easy to play and fun to master - look for Bottom Feeders in the App Store with the Android release soon to follow.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Bottom Feeders, Action, Puzzles, Collection, Dynamics, Fishing, Fun, Easy, Casual, Free
Target Users
  • Casual Gamers
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