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BusUp is a Smart mobility company that has developed a booking platform (Web and App) for on demand bus shared routes. This Catalan start-up aims to offer collective and sustainable mobility solutions wherever public transport is scarce, or limited in time availability, and where the only alternative is the car. Being Industrial and Business Parks located in isolated metropolitan areas, one of the best examples.

BusUp is the first bus rental app that allows you to book routes on demand in real time. Through its App, BusUp users can rent their own coaches for private events (dinners, hen parties, field trips, weddings, etc.). With BusUp’s solution, renting a coach or a minibus with driver is extremely simple and flexible. The customer can define its own routes and schedules, get an instant quote, reserve, pay for the full coach service or share the cost with the rest of passengers.

BusUp is also the first start-up offering on demand bus-sharing services. Through its Web Platform, BusUp offers on demand public transportation services for commuting (Industrial & Business Parks, school, university, etc.) and for large events (music festivals, football matches, congresses, etc.). BusUp users can either purchase a ticket for a specific route, request new routes, or additional stops.

Since we are a mult-iplatform (Web & APP) We have submitted 2 applications 1 for APP and 1 for SW based solutions.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • #TransportSostenible #SustainableTransport #SmartMobility #OnDemand #Ridesharing
Target Users
  • Our target users are people (18-60 years old) living and working in Greater Metropolitan Areas (outside city centres) where public transport is limited or non-existing and car is their only transport alternative.
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Google Play, iTunes
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