Bycycling is a daily cycling tracker that inspires you to cycle with friends and colleagues through a mix of incentives.
Hit a daily 5 km goal to stay fit and healthy and earn cash paid by your organisation´s incentives program.

According to the WHO, 20 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per day (around 5 km of cycling) is all you need to stay healthy and fit.

It also allows organisations to offer cash incentives in exchange for your bike commute, thanks to our algorithm, in a proven and secure way.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic, Sports, Health
  • cycling, bicycle, rewards, money, cash, health & wellness, routes, healthy lifestyle, sustainable, environment, smart mobility.
Target Users
  • People who want to be healthier and create cleaner, more sustainable cities that use their bicycles as their main transportation mode.
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Google Play, iTunes
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