Café Formula
Start and manage your own café in Café Formula!
Cafe Formula is a dynamic game for people who love to make food and manage their own cafe. You are the manager of a small virtual sandwich cafe.

After choosing a character the player has to prepare orders using order's visual representation on the left side of the screen. Choose compatible ingredients and drag and drop them into compatible square cells.

Hurry up! You have less than a minute to fulfill an order and make a sandwich with dressing and a drink. There are only 4 parts in each order but it is important not to mess up ingredients and place each ingredient in the right square!
For instance - the chosen drink should go to the last square.

Each correct order should award you tips for which you can purchase items for the Dining room, the Kitchen and the Office.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Games, Eating and Drinking
  • café, cafe, coffee, restaurant, burger, sandwich, diner, fast-food, drink, cafeteria, lunch, snack, kitchen, dining
Target Users
  • People of all ages who'd like to manage their own virtual cafe or restaurant. Café Formula is translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. In addition the game is accessible for visually impaired and blind users.
Available in the following app stores
iTunes, iPad App Store
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