Campus Pal
Learning and communication now gets easy!!
Campus Pal is a fun and educational app that encourages collaboration among college students from across the world.

It combines excellent social media features, connecting like minds and promoting a crowd sourcing culture to complete projects and assignments among undergraduate, postgraduate, Masters and PhD students.

Users will be able to share information in a new and dynamic way, combining the contributions of other people for excellent results.

Some of the core functionalities include:

E-Project: This is designed to enable students working on research projects and thesis find precise and up to date literature to buttress their works. Users on the platform can publish the outcome of their findings on this platform and anyone looking for information relating to a particular topic would be able to access it on this platform.

Forum: This is an avenue for students to be students. It lets them talk about anything from College gossip, Fresher man tips to complex things like getting prompt answers to burning questions they may have. Users are also able to earn rewards in partaking as active participation will be rewarded with a badge.

Other features of Campus Pal include: chat; campus news feed; project uploads and many more.

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  • University and college students
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