We are the ONLY Business Card Transcription Service that uses REAL People to covert the information for BlackBerry smartphones.
Card2Contact is a revolutionary BlackBerry App that aims to change the way that business cards are used, managed, and stored. It is the only Business Card Conversion App especially for BlackBerry with a Human Verification/Transcription Workforce.

Card2Contact uses BlackBerry's native camera to take a picture of the business card. User can upload it to our Manual Transcription team; we will do the conversion and send it back to BlackBerry Contacts. Every conversion is verified to ensure a 100% accurate data conversion. It allows the users to see more information in the Contacts page such as browsing all the business cards they have uploaded, In app email feature to send emails to the contacts instantly while networking.

Card2Contact is simple to install and use. The accuracy is impeccable. It’s a great conversation topic to take out my BlackBerry at networking events, snap a picture of your business card, and receive the contact information back in minutes. It’s the only solution to fully utilize the business card again as an easy and functional way of trading information.
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  • Card2Contact Business card conversion Real people to convert business cards into contacts. BlackBerry Mobile App
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