CardioSecur active
Follow your heart. With us.
A portable heart monitor, CardioSecur active is the clinical grade mobile ECG for your smartphone. Now you can take your heart readings on the go and get the same quality as an electrocardiogram done by your cardiologist in seconds.

Whether capturing atrial fibrillation or doing regular heart checks, this unparalleled device gives you “No Changes”, “Warning” or “Alert” status and sends a full reading of your heart’s electrical activity directly to your physician. Born from a cardiologist`s vision, CardioSecur active is so much more than a medical device: it`s your 24/7 partner, bringing you independence, freedom and restoring your quality of life.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Primary target group: Patients that can be counted as part of the high risk group. Part of this group are individuals with previous heart attacks, strokes or heart illnesses in the family, diabetes or other cardiovascular diseases. Also smokers and obes
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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