Carpool Arabia
Carpool Arabia is an affordable and convenient transportation network for the Middle East and Africa region.
As you might suspect we connect drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. We help people to find a commuting buddy to ease their daily transportation to the office. With Carpool Arabia mobile app you can easily find a driver that can pick you up at home and drop you at work. Our machine learning app always find the best pool of drivers called "buddies" to give you a ride. As a driver, you can accept or decline the ride anonymously from your carpooling buddy. Drivers receive ride request only if the detour is less than 15 minutes. Carpool Arabia creates local daily heroes and help them to find the perfect commuting buddy.

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • ridesharing, carpool, smart city, efficient transportation, public transport, eco-friendly, smart commute, app, dubai, UAE
Target Users
  • We are targeting people who are today using public transport like Bus/metro and Taxi to go to work and offer them the experience and convenience of a car ride at the price of public transportation fare.
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Google Play, iTunes
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