Products catalog for iPad
Are you sick of visiting your customers with a heavy collection of paper catalogs? Catalogs that can’t be updated as much as you’d like? Do you want to have your restaurant menu in an iPad so that your customers will have a better experience? Do you want to share your portfolio with the world? CatalogMe is the ideal solution to solve these and other needs. CatalogMe is fully functional over any iPad device with iOS5 and higher.
We adapt it to your brand image and we provide a back end access from where you’ll be able to update the contents the application will show in an easy and intuitive way.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Branded App - 0 (The final price will depend on the customer personalization and modules installed)
Shopping, Photo, Video and TV, Other, Eating and Drinking, Business and Work, Art and Culture
  • CatalogMe, Catalog, Contents Visualization, Products visualization
Target Users
  • Salesman who need to keep their product catalog updated. Restaurant owners who want to have their menus in a digital format so more info and photos can be added Photographers who want to show their portfolio.
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