Catawiki - Weekly auctions for special objects
Weekly auctions for special objects
Catawiki is Europe's fastest growing online auction house.
With over 100 weekly auctions in over 80 categories such as Books, Fashion, Jewellery, Stamps, Classic Cars, Whisky, Design, Art, Wine, Ceramics, Musical Instruments, and Antiques , Catawiki is the number one platform for buying and selling collectibles. Using Catawiki’s Auction App, you can take part in our unique auctions anywhere, anytime.

The Catawiki Auction App
- Access to our latest auctions
- Bidding starts at €1
- Exclusive Auctions for App users
- Create your personal “Favourite List”
- Receive up-to-date info about your auctions; anywhere, anytime

Catawiki’s auctions start every Friday, with each one ending on a particular night of the coming week. The auctions are supervised by specialised auctioneers, guaranteeing varied and high quality lot listings. Our payment method lets you buy very securely.

About Catawiki:

- Weekly auctions; new auctions start every Friday
- Professional auctioneers guarantee the quality of all items at auction
- Secure payment (easy to use)
- Safe shipping worldwide
- Special themed auctions every week (e.g. Tintin, Beatles, Dinky Toys, Champagne, Swarovski)
- Available for buying or selling

Catawiki’s auctions are visited by over 12,000,000 interested users every month.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • People who love to buy unique items, collectors, sellers, etc.
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