Cerdanyola Ciutat Oberta
Official SmartCity mobile application of Cerdanyola del Vallès. With only a mobile app, every citizen can access to every mobile applications related with the city.
Description (1): Cerdanyola Ciutat Oberta
In order to improve the city lifestyle, its resource management and the access to all city services, Cerdanyola Ciutat Oberta App offers you all the information related with your city.

Comfortable and easy-to-use, here you will be able to check the news related with Cerdanyola del Vallès: cultural, social and sport planned events and to receive push notifications of every most interesting service.

You’ll access every mobile application of commerce, industry, bar and restaurants of Cerdanyola del Vallès. You can use this app for shopping, going to dinner or taking a coffee, everything at your hand.
Description (2): Technology
Mostrarium has created its own CMS of mobile applications, where every user can create and manage its own native mobile application without any programming knowledge required.

The Mostrarium SmartCity Division is focused to any city, from a small town until a big city. Every city council will be able to take advantage of the mobile technology in order to optimise the city resources and improve the citizen life-style.

Mostrarium technology is really different to the rest of SmartCity solutions: from now the city council can manage its own SmartCity community of mobile applications. Every city can create lots of mobile applications and all of them will be embedded in the city app. As a result, the citizen will only need to download the city app, and from there, he will access to every mobile application.

In addition, the city council can distribute these mobile applications as licenses. So, every entity (restaurant, fashion shop, events, etc) could receive an invitation from the city council in order to manage its own mobile application published directly in the city app. The result is a live collaborative mobile community compatible with all mobile devices where every city entity can improve its competitive position and increase their opportunities.

In summary, every citizen can get an overview of everything that a city can offer them, for example: check the public transport in real time, make a reservation in a restaurant, receive a reminder when a concert starts, consult a fashion catalog, buy something or inform about any incidence in the public way and check its status. The platform allows to be creative to create new mobile applications.

Mostrarium has an App that contains all the city council distributed licenses.

Mostrarium Smart City Division
In this challenge we’re introducing Cerdanyola Ciutat Oberta as a successfully case. At this moment, this technology is already working in 12 cities: Cerdanyola del Vallès, Ripollet, Castellbisbal, Rubí, Palafrugell, Mataró, Arenys de Mar, Vilassar de Mar, Balenyà, Vila de Piera, Sant Feliu de Codines and Lezo.

According with the needs of every city, the customer experience in every case has been very positive. The Mostrarium technology is already tested and improving day-by-day, and that’s why we want to win this challenge: to implant this project in Barcelona City.

Business Model
Mostrarium creates SmartCities according to the needs of every city. These needs are solved in three products:

1) SmartCity AdHoc App
A single App where, through an specific dashboard, any citizen could find every content related with city, as the main App of Cerdanyola: public transport, schools, cultural schedule, restaurants, commerce, etc.

2) SmartCity + Community App
In addition to SmartCity AdHoc App, our our customer can create and gather apps within its community. Our customer can offer an App to every commerce, restaurant, sport centre, etc.

3) SmartCity integrated with Gestor Incidencia (www.gestorincidencia.com)
Mostrarium technology can integrate the Gestor Incidencia technology in the same App. With this integration, the user can communicate every incidence of public road, and the municipal services can manage every incidence through a private specific panel.

Business model and pricing
We charge to our customer recurrently according to the number of apps (licenses) inside its community.

Maintenance price
We charge annually on 25% about selling price.

Services to our customers
With this business model, our customer always has access to:
- SmartCity consultancy in order to study the situation of every customer and to create an specific proposal.
- Specific design and contents introduction.
- Implantation of SmartCity and publication of mobile apps.
- Individual support (by phone or email)
- Access to free feature upgrades
- Training of the platform

Key partner
From last two years, there's a partnership between PIMEC and Mostrarium. PIMEC recommends Mostrarium technology in order to develop SmartCities and to improve the competitive position of SME and commerce in every city and to improve the relation of the every city with their citizens.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • Cerdanyola Ciutat Oberta - Free (The price is according with the number of mobile applications they want.)
  • Mostrarium - Free
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Sports, Social Media, Shopping, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens, Eating and Drinking, Business and Work, Art and Culture
  • Catalog Economy and enterprise SmartCity Public transport Commerce Commerce association
Target Users
  • - Customer: the council (who pays the project) - Professional users: every entity of commerce, sport centers, culture, shopping and more (who takes advantage of the project). - Users: every citizen
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